Why Organic Wine?

We know there are some great wines available to buy, however, the grapes they are grown from have been coated and infected with many different kinds of chemicals and pesticides, which have been proved to cause many different ailments, diseases and allergies.

In fact you can take your pick we say, on deciding what conditions we believe are linked to chemicals. The increase in asthma, food allergies and diabetes is, in our mind linked to the artificial influences food and drink producers bring to make their product picture-perfect and ever more economic to meet the demands of large supermarket chains.

People all over the world are becoming more and more aware of the hidden ‘nasties’ lurking in our food and drink. Chemical spraying with herbicides and pesticides, additives to lengthen shelf life may provide more of everything, but more is not necessarily best.

Organic and biodynamic wine is enjoying a huge surge in popularity because not only does it taste better and purer, but also because its production is less harmful to the environment and much less harmful to you.

The wines and drinks sold at Wines Naturally! have all been carefully selected to provide quality, a good selection of quality drink that have been Certified to guarantee that they are free as possible of chemicals and pesticides that can damage both our health and the environment. A bonus of Organic wine is less of the dreaded hangover the next day!