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Focus on the battle of Bosworth Range.

The second annual Organic wine festival of Australia took place recently, and the Battle of Bosworth winery in Mclaren vale took several prizes

The trophy for the best wine in the show was won by the spicy fragrant 2004 Shiraz viognier.

The Bosworth family started grape production in the late 1840s, and today the Bosworth family’s Edgehill vineyard is situated in the heart of Mclaren vale in the foothills of the southern Mount Lofty ranges where the water coming off these mountains naturally irrigates the land.

Warm summers, moderate winters and low humidity ensure an ideal climate for growing grapes organically, as the high evaporation and low humidity reduce the risk of mildews which can inflict vineyards.

Joe Bosworth became the pioneer organic winemaker in the mid 1990s, and a key factor in his method is to grow a yellow flower called yellow sour sob between the rows of vines which hinders germination of other damaging weeds.

The Battle of Bosworth wines are an outstanding example of the combination of organic viniculture and the skill of the winemaker to produce exciting, show-stopping great wines.

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